Pearson's Privacy Policy ("PPP")

This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") explains how Pearson India Education Services Private Limited ("Pearson" "Our" "Us" or "We") handles the Information (defined here in below) that each user ("User" "You" or "Your") provides to Us on Our web site'' and or mobile application ("Site").

Your use of Site is subject to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and Service of the Site. Please read this Privacy Policy before using the Site or before submitting any Information.

If you do not wish to share Your Information or agree to Our Privacy Policy, you may visit Our Site anonymously (however in this case We may still collect Other Information). We will collect Information from Users only if they voluntarily submit such Information to Us. You can always refuse to share Your Information, however, as some services provided by Us may require Information, it may prevent You from engaging in certain activities provided on Our Site.

Pearson cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot gain access to Your Information; therefore, when submitting Information to the Site, you must weigh both the benefits and the risks of the same. In addition, Pearson will not be responsible for any Information which is not covered by this Privacy Policy and You should check the privacy policies of such third-party web sites before submitting Information.


Cookies: Small data files stored on Your hard drive or in Your device memory that helps Us to improve Our Services and Your experience and to see which areas and features of Our Services are popular and count visits.

Data Controller: A person, company, or other body corporate that determines the purpose and means of handling, processing, disclosing and transferring of the PII (defined hereinbelow).

Data Field: A data field is a place where you can store data and is commonly referred to a column in a database or a field in a data entry form or web form. 

Information: Information is defined as PII (defined here in below) and Other Information.

Institutional Customer/s: These customers or users include learning providers, such as schools, colleges, local education authorities, private language schools, education agencies or any other institutionalized organization, who purchase access to the Services of Pearson for use of Users within the Institutional Customer.

Modified Privacy Policy: Any change, update, amendment made to this Privacy Policy.

Other Information: Any other information collected apart from PII, such as, unidentifiable information which may be collected using various technologies, such as Cookies, internet tags, and web beacons, internet protocol address, internet service provider, the browser name, the type of computer/device and technical information about users' means of connection to Our Site, such as the operating system details of the website and other similar information.

Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”): The sensitive personal data or information of a person that is capable of identifying a person, which consists of information relating to but not limited to: (i) password; (ii) financial information such as Bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details; (iii) physical, physiological and mental health condition;(iv) sexual orientation;(v) medical records and history; and/ or (vi) Biometric information.

Privacy Policy: As defined in the preamble of the Privacy Policy.

Services: The services shall include all the services offered on the Site.

Site: As defined in the preamble of the Privacy Policy.

User: Individuals who use the Services provided by Pearson. User could include an institutional customer's learners, teachers and administrators, or individual subscribers who purchase access to the Services for themselves or for a child in their care.


2.1.This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Pearson collects, receives, possesses, stores, handles, discloses and transfers the Information collected from its User of the Site.

2.2.This Privacy Policy applies to residents of India only. Further, this Privacy Policy does not link to residents of countries other than or to third-party web sites to which the Site may link. If You choose to become a User from other regions of the world, then please note that You may be transferring Your Information outside of those regions for storage and processing.

2.3.You understand that by using the Site you consent to the collection, receiving, possessing, storing, and handling of Your PII and Other Information as set forth in Our Privacy Policy, and to have Your PII collected, used, handled, disclosed and transferred to and processed.

2.4.This Privacy Policy is not concerned with and does not apply to any Information collected from you offline, unless otherwise specified. In some cases, Our Privacy policy may be supplemented by a separate agreement between Pearson and an Institutional Customer.


3.1.This Privacy policy applies to the Services that the Site offers. Use of other sites and Services are subject to different terms and privacy notices.

3.2.If Your access to the Services was purchased for You by an Institutional Customer, then the Institutional Customer is responsible for ensuring it has a legal basis for handling, retaining, processing, disclosing and transferring the PII and is the Data Controller. We only collect and receive the PII on behalf of the Institutional Customer. We request you to read the Privacy Policy of the Institutional Customer for any PII which is uploaded or accessed by the Services.


4.1.Pearson collects Information about You when you use Our Services and through other interactions and communications You have with Us during the use of Our Services.

4.2.We collect Information when You or Your parent/ guardian (including your teacher) discloses Your Information by contacting Us (online or offline) or by entering Information into Data Fields on the Site for using the Services, registering You to use the Services (including registration of the User of an Institutional Customer) and/ or for ordering Services from Us. For example, you may submit your first name, last name, phone number, date of birth, postal address, e-mail address, and/or other Information in order to, including, but not limited to, visit our Site, subscribe to email alerts, and in connection with Services, features or resources We make available on our Site. Note: For Users registered with Institutional Customers and for Users who are under 18 years of age, We only collect school issued email addresses and not their personal addresses. We collect transaction details related to Your use of Our Services, including the type of Service requested, date and time the Service was provided, amount charged, product supplied, and other related requests or Services details, including, the use of services from specified third parties.

4.3.Pearson collects Other Information about the Users whenever they interact with Our Site, including but not limited to, information about Your visits to the Site without You actively submitting such information. Your internet browser automatically transmits to the Site some of this Other Information, such as the URL of the Site You just visited and the browser version Your computer is operating. Certain features of Site may not work without use of Other Information collection technologies. Please note that Other Information collected by these technologies cannot be used to identity you without additional PII.



Pearson does not knowingly collect any PII from children (wherein minor is defined as anyone under 18 years in age) on its Site. Pearson does not knowingly allow children to order any products, communicate with Us, or use any of Our online Services without the permission of the parent/ guardian (including the teacher). No PII of a child should be submitted or posted on this Site by a minor without the consent of their parent or guardian. We encourage parents to help Us protect their Children's privacy by instructing them to never provide any PII on the Site. If you are a parent and become aware that your child has provided Us with any Information without your permission, please contact Us as specified below.

In addition, if We have actual knowledge that a child is sending or posting PII on any area of the Site, We will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete such PII before it is used.


6.1.Pearson may use the Information We collect about You :

    6.1.1.To provide, maintain, and improve Our Services, including, for example, We may use Information in the aggregate to understand how Our Services are used, to develop new products, etc.;

    6.1.2.Perform internal operations, including, for example, to prevent operational problems, to monitor and analyses usage and activity trends, etc.;

    6.1.3.Send or facilitate communications between you and a support staff;     

    6.1.4.Send you communications We think will be of interest to you, including Information about products, Services, promotions, news, and events of Pearson;

    6.1.5.Personalize and improve the Services, including to provide or recommend features, content, social connections, referrals, and advertisements;

    6.1.6.To provide customer service or support to Users; and

    6.1.7.To enforce applicable user agreements or policies, including the Terms of               Use & Service and to protect Us, Our Users or the public from harm or illegal activities.

6.2.Other Information collected on Our Site is used to make Your use of the Sites easier by allowing Pearson to provide better service, customize sites based on consumer preferences, compile statistics, analyse trends, and otherwise administer and improve the Site. Our Site may use "Cookies" to enhance Users' experience.



7.1.We do not sell, trade, or rent Users' Information to others. We will not allow unrelated third parties to use Your PII without Your consent. Further, through this Privacy Policy, the User provides consent for disclosure of any information between Pearson and third party, where there is a legally binding contract for specific use between third party and Pearson.

7.2.We may share the Information We collect about You through Our Services as described in this Privacy Policy or as described at the time of collection or sharing. The purpose of sharing the Information is detailed in the manner below:

7.2.1With support staff to enable them to provide the Services you request;

7.2.2With third parties with whom You choose to let Us share Information, for example other apps or websites that integrate with Our Services, or those with an API or Service with which We integrate;

7.2.3With Our Institutional Customer where You are registered as a User;

7.2.4In response to a request for Information by a competent authority if We believe disclosure is in accordance with, or is otherwise required by, any applicable law, regulation, or legal process;

7.2.5With law enforcement officials, government authorities, or other third parties if We believe Your actions are inconsistent with Our Terms of Use and Service or other policies, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of Pearson or others; 7.2.6In connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of Our business by or into another company;

7.2.7If We otherwise notify you and you consent to the sharing; and 7.2.8In an aggregated and/or anonymized form which cannot reasonably be used to identify you.

7.3.Please be careful if you post any Information on a bulletin board or discussion forum or similar interactive area of the Service as it may be collected and used by others. You understand We cannot control the actions of other users.

7.4.You accept and agree that We may transfer Your Information to any other body corporate or a person in India or located in any other country, that ensures the same level of data protection that is adhered to in India.


8.1.Pearson uses commercially reasonable physical, managerial, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of Your Information. However, We cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat Our security measures or use Your Information for improper purposes.

8.2.We want to reduce loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, destruction, harassment, and abuse related to Our Site, but We cannot guarantee complete perfection. When there is clear evidence of any of the above, We will do Our best to respond promptly. You acknowledge that you provide Your personal Information at Your own risk.

8.3.We may transfer the Information described in this Privacy Policy to, process and store it in India or outside India. We will take appropriate measures to protect Your personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

8.4.To protect Your privacy, You should not provide any Information that is not specifically requested or that You do not wish to share.


9.1.You may always limit the amount and type of Information that Pearson receives about You by choosing not to disclose or enter any Information into forms or Data Fields on the Sites. Some of Our Services can only be provided to You if You provide Us with appropriate Information. Other parts of the Site may ask whether you wish to opt out or opt into Our contact lists for offers, promotions and additional services that may be of interest to You.

9.2.Pearson will comply with Users requests regarding access, correction, and/or deletion of the Information it stores in accordance with applicable law. Please notify Us of Your wishes by contacting Us as specified below. Please note that in case such Information is necessary for the provision of Services, We may exercise Our option of not providing the Services for which the Information was sought for. Please further note that in some cases We may retain certain Information about You as required by law, or for legitimate business purposes to the extent permitted by law.

9.3.You may opt out of receiving promotional messages from Us by following the instructions in those messages. If you opt out, We may still send you non-promotional communications, such as those about Your account, about Services you have requested, or Our ongoing business relations.

9.4.Users may also choose to set their web browser to refuse Cookies, or to alert them when Cookies are being sent, but this may result in some parts of the Site not functioning properly. Please note that if you choose to remove or reject Cookies, this could affect the availability and functionality of Our Services.

9.5.Pearson or any person on its behalf holding Information of the Users shall not retain that Information for longer than it is required for the purposes for which the Information may lawfully be used or is otherwise required under any other law for the time being in force.

9.6.Pearson shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the Information supplied by the User to Pearson or any person acting on its behalf.


10.1.We reserve the right, at Our discretion, to change this Privacy Policy on a going-forward basis at any time. Please check this Privacy Policy periodically for changes. Modified Privacy Policy becomes effective upon its publication on the Site. If We make material changes to this Privacy Policy, We will attempt to provide you reasonable notice before such changes become effective. By continuing using the Services, you agree to be bound by the Modified Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to be bound by Modified Privacy Policy, you must immediately cease Your use of the Services. Disputes arising under this Privacy Policy will be resolved in accordance with the version of this Privacy Policy that was in effect at the time the dispute arose.

10.2.We encourage you to review Privacy Policy whenever you access Our Services to stay informed about Our Information practices and the ways you can help protect Your privacy.


Should you have questions about this Privacy Policy or Pearson’s Information collection, use and disclosure practices, you may contact, the Grievance Officer appointed by Pearson.

Please find below the details of the Grievance Officer for the purpose of this Privacy Policy:

Name: Shalinee Kulshreshtha, General Counsel (South Asia)


Office: +91 120 4379226


Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd., 1st Floor,

Berger Tower,

Plot No. C-001A/2,

Sector 16B,

Noida - 201301

Uttar Pradesh,